bi- prep. prefix
• in, at   They live in Cairo. Who’s at the door? ▪ بالعربية bi-lƐarabīyati adv. in Arabic ▪ بالليل bi-llayli adv. at night
• by, with by train He wrote a letter by hand.
• (untranslated; prefixed to direct object in some instances) You know all this.
• because of ▪ بذلك bi-đālika adv. because of that
• with, having, in I want a room with two beds. dressed in swimwear
• (with passive verbs and participles) by
• (forms adverbs) -ly, in, with slowly in fear with difficulty
• [verb of motion +] take, bring ▪ جاء بـ jāʔa bi- v. bring

بأنْ bi-ʔan [+ subjunctive]
• by (do)ing “Sometimes others help us just by being in our lives.” (Ahmed Khaled Tawfik, Egyptian writer)

بلا bi-lā, بدون bi-dūna prep.
• without ▪ بلا تردد bi-lā taraddudin without hesitation ▪ بلا جدوى bi-lā jadwā adv. worthless, useless, of no use; in vain ▪ بلا شك bi-lā šakkin, بلا ريب bi-lā raybin adv. without a doubt, definitely, undoubtedly ▪ بلا عقاب bi-lāa Ɛiqābin adv. unpunished

بما bi-mā conj.
• with what, in what I’m proud of what I did. ▪ بما أنّ bi-mā ʔanna conj. since, because, in view of the fact that… Since you are busy, I’ll do it. ▪ بما فيها bi-mā fīhā, بما في ذلك bi-mā fī đālika including There are many problems, including pollution and traffic.

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